Saturday, April 18, 2015

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookies

Don't these look good?  They tasted good, too!  I found I had a store-load of cream cheese to be used before the date expired and started researching recipes that would use lots of it.  This cookie recipe did not disappoint.  It comes from Julia's Album and proved to be a delicious cookie.  The only challenge in putting it together was chopping up enough strawberries for a recipe that multiplied four times!  If you're making only a single recipe, I promise you, it's worth that effort! I did method 2 from her recipe and honestly thought the cookies looked wonderful.  Using her direction to make small cookies was great for about 2/3 of the huge amount of dough I was working, but I also made some larger cookies because I know some folks want just a taste, but some people want a hand filling COOKIE.  These baked a little longer, but worked just as well.

I did take Julia's advice and make the cookies the day before they had to be delivered, covered them tightly and refrigerated them overnight.  There were a lot of people telling me how much they enjoyed these, so I know it worked. (And I was glad to not be up at 5:00 AM baking a 9:00AM delivery!)

Happy Spring!

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