Thursday, December 18, 2014

Citrus Cranberry Cake

Another of Roxana's recipes.   I will say this one did not go together for me in quite the same ease as her Pumpkin Roll which I made last month.  However, the flavors are amazing and I can say I highly recommend playing with them.  The truth is that I wound up making a trifle with these ingredients the first time I made it (and it was delicious!) but I am looking forward to playing with the recipe more because her presentation is beautiful!!!  I'm thinking this would make a lovely traditional layer cake or even a sheet cake if you are intimidated about making the presentation she has done wonderfully.

This citrus cake is one of the best tasting cakes I've made recently, and while I was skeptical about the cranberry sauce working all I can say is I was wrong.  It worked perfectly with the lemon cake, not too sweet and jellied enough to hold to the cake without soaking it.  If you are looking for something tasty and beautiful to make for Christmas Eve this might be exactly what you're looking for.  Check out Roxana's Home Baking for the recipe:

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