Tuesday, December 23, 2014

St. Lucia's Saffron Rolls

I read a lot of recipes for this beautiful bread.  I am grateful to several blogs where I learned about working with the dough and the stories behind the recipe, both in Sweden and in Sicily.  Yesterday for a group of 8 women I made Lora's version which is shared on her blog Cake Duchess.  I love working with yeast dough and this saffron scented heap was like a gift for my heart.  I made the dough on Sunday evening and refrigerated it overnight.  The slow rise was very effective.  I woke up on Monday morning and completed dividing the dough and forming the rolls.  I'm not a complete nut about it, but I do like to divide dough as evenly as possible.  Using a scale made me happy, having unevenly sized rolls might make you just as happy.

I know that St. Lucia's eyes are represented in this particular shape, but in case you'd like buns that look a little less anatomical (giggle) you might want to check out Ostenssons Blogg where there are some beautifully shaped rolls.  Enjoy!

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