Sunday, May 17, 2015

Momma's Carrot Cake Revisited... getting glazed over!

You may already know that carrot cake is my hubby's favorite and that I make mine from Miz Evelyn's recipe.  (If somehow you didn't know this, let me encourage you to check out the recipe for youself, remarkably easy and a carrot cake worth eating.)

I have always used Miz Evelyn's recipe for cream cheese pineapple frosting for this cake but hubby told me about one of his sister's rebellious ways and her talent with baking caught my attention.  She sometimes makes an orange glaze for her carrot cake.  He's been talking about it for about two months, almost like he knew I was going to be making a carrot cake.  Almost like it might be something I would do because it's his birthday!  Happy birthday, dear Hubby.  I am very grateful to have you in my life, that would be true even if I didn't get an awesome recipe for carrot cake from your mom.

This glaze is so easy, it seems silly to write a recipe, and yet, I felt it was important to make a note of it, if not for you sake, for mine.

Smart Sister's Inspired Orange Glaze

1 c. powdered sugar
1 orange

Put powdered sugar in a bowl.

Finely grate the rind off the orange, do not go into the white pith.  Your whole kitchen will smell lovely while you do this.  When finished you should have a pale orange, not a white one.

Into a separate bowl squeeze half of the orange, you can do both but I did not use the full amount of juice from the first half.

Mix grated rind with sugar.  Stir well.  Add 2-3 spoonfuls of juice and stir, from here you keep adding  small amounts and stirring well.  When it looks like you no longer have a larger amount of white stuff and instead have a remarkably small orange puddle you'll know you're getting there.  Check the fluidity, it's glaze-y enough for you?  Some people like it drippy, some just want it to be like frosting on the top.  Hubby liked it dripping down so that's what I chose to do.

This glaze will be used in the future, maybe on pound cake, cookies and scones seem like a strong possibility.

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